Rick Heymann

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, USA, Rick is a writer by education, a computer technician and entrepreneur by trade, and a photographer and author at heart. He is an award-winning emerging photographer who is dedicated to biblical principles about how he chooses to view the world and what he wants his audience to see.

His work is currently printed through White House Custom Color located in Minnesota, USA. WHCC is a truly top of the line order fulfillment print shop which caters to demanding professionals. You can guarantee that what you see on your (color-corrected) monitor is what you will receive in person. WHCC offers a wide array of products from notecards and stationery to canvases, prints, and framed works of art.

Buy with confidence. All work is guaranteed.

This site will host future nature, wildlife, and landscape photography, however, Rick's interests are diverse-- there will likely be street photography, portraits, and even event photography on display.

Artist's Statement

For those whom God has called, Christians live to produce a profit from the spirit that God has given them. Between birth and death, there is no greater purpose. Our work and our food is our portion; God's truth, statutes and laws are our path; our lives can be distilled to little more than the daily choice to overcome and endure our spiritual battles in order to obtain a crown of salvation.

To this end, my work involves presenting impressions of His creation-- our world-- to His greater glory in order to elicit peace in those who experience it, and to help awaken viewers to the fact that,  "The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made."

This work is an attempt view His creation through the lens of Truth as much as that of my camera's.

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